Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Each optical transceiver has unique EEProm attributes resident on the transceiver’s NVRAM. The OEM’s IOS looks for these attributes in order to enable “plug and play” functionality - so no error codes occur and there is no command line work around required.
Before each Approved Optics optical transceiver ships out, it is tested in OEM specific platforms/switches to ensure compatibility for our customers.
Approved Optics is unique in the fact that it not only engineers a legal EEProm attribute solution for the optic without copying the code, but actually tests the optic in the appropriate platform before it ships. This is completely different than the rest of the 3rd Party Optical Transceiver suppliers in N. America.  Why? Because Approved Optics has made the significant investment in the actual platform switches that are critical to a proper environmental test.
For years, Approved Optics has private labeled for many of the optics brands in the Channel and on the web, and we still do. Other third-party brands and even the OEM’s will source from China, code the EEProm without proper testing, and simply ship the optics to unknowing customers. Approved is the only company in North America that is in the position to environmentally test the optics it ships. We’ve invested over $1.6M in switch/router/expansion card equipment to guarantee that every optical transceiver can be seamlessly integrated in to your IOS.  We make sure that the latest IOS is not only followed and supported by our EEProm attributes, but that every transceiver is environmentally tested before it ships.
For more on Approved Optics Quality, please see Quality.

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