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Approved Optics North America is now on the web direct. We currently supply and private label for most of the resellers of 3rd party optics in the Computer Channel and on the Web. We are now offering direct support via the Approved Optics website for strategic reasons outlined below. Our history is important when understanding the unique quality/pricing ratio we bring to the marketplace. This quality did not come without significant work, knowledge, collaboration with large Telco clients and significant capital spent on quality assurance infrastructure Quality.
Approved Optics has been a North American Master Distributor for quality optics to the entire computer channel for over 9 years. Cisco, Juniper, HP, Ciena, Avaya, etc. do not manufacture their own optics. See Cisco’s Secret Franchise. Although they do have a hand in the firmware, quality assurance, and how the optics collaborate with the IOS, it is mostly contract manufacturers (CM’s) that bring together the discreet components and produce the optical transceiver. Approved Optics has enjoyed direct relationships with these same contract manufacturers early on, as they are active in the pursuit of optics business outside of their major OEM customers.
No other company in the 3rd party market has been willing to make the ongoing large capital investment in testing equipment, infrastructure, and on-going process refinement required to bring quality 3rd party optics to market. As a result, we supply and private label for most of the private optic brands that our clients see in the computer channel and on-line. Why did we decide to go direct with our support via Approved Optics On-line? There are a few reasons:
  • Optical Transceivers will become a commodity product within a few years and we want to have a direct relationship with our customers to insure best pricing and support.
  • Our Customers and on-line suppliers that we private label for often mix in off-spec untested product to bring their margins up. This leaves customers with quality risk that we can take out if supporting directly.
  • Many on-line optics providers simply do no testing and rely on a ‘fail and replace’ methodology, which is not effective when dealing with critical networks.
  • Our market share is large via the computer channel and private label business, but it can be grown via the 100’s of thousands of small businesses that need the quality that our large Telco customers require and receive.
By having a direct portal to the market, Approved Optics can insure it’s long term domination of the 3rd party optics market without the nuance of off-spec and non-tested product affecting it’s brand in the Channel. Quality is the cornerstone of our business which is critical in the networking market. Via our direct site, you will enjoy the best price/quality ratio available to large and small customers, but more importantly you will have access to the highest quality 3rd party optics in the world
To Learn More visit us at www.ApprovedOptics.com

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